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Flowing with the water in Granpino

The activity water flows in You(th) took place on the Tuscan coast “Marina di Cecina”, where the summer breeze flowed on the coast and brining with it the scent of autumn.

In a one-week exchange program, celebrating our diversities and activism, the house of GranPino hosted 13 young people and youth workers originally from Romania, Argentina, Germany, Finland, Poland, Spain, Latvia, and Iran.

The activity was focusing on themes of water protection, putting in action different non-formal education methodologies such as open cafes, energisers, brain storming, creative thinking & open discussions, focusing on not only water protection at the individual level, but also on a global level. Talking about water preservation, the theme of water wars and water defenders was at the center of the youth exchange.

The group dynamic was created smoothly as the working groups were fully balanced between different roles needed in order to make the program running. The media heroes and the heart keepers in specific, made sure that no one is left behind, and that the group has enough interaction via memes and heart-warming gestures.

The program was balanced between the presentation on the local and global scale, from individual to collective actions, talking about local initiatives and EU funding possibilities.

People from different activism background, has shared their knowledge about different initiatives within their local sections.

On our field visit trip, the team walked 10km from Saline to Volterra.

The overall evaluation of the project remained positive, accompanied with a great wish from all, to go for next version of water flows in you(th), proceeding with even more informative gamified education about the importance of water and water protection.

Thank you all, for your amazing flowing energy.

Special thanks to the Granpino team: Ursula, Franca, Bukari, Larissa and Rose. People who made this dream come true.

Berg Frei

Your team

Pari & Pablo

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