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Water flows in you(th) begins!

Where to even begin? Finally, the Young German Naturefriends‘ Youth

exchange in Gran Pino, Cecina, commenced. After a warm welcome by

the lovely trainers Pari and Pablo and the entire Gran Pino team on

Sunday night, the project officially started. 12 participants from 10

countries will form the group for this week, filled with many

informative and fun activities.

After some team-building games, we took the time to share our

expectations and needs for the upcoming week. Everyone

contributed and we were able to create a group agreement that will

guide us through the week. Then, feeling both excited and exhausted,

it was time for the first night’s sleep in cozy, shared rooms.

Hence, we were able to start well-rested into the first full day of the

project: Today’s agenda included an introduction to our unique venue

here in Tuscany and some more teambuilding and cultural exchange

and, of course, first water-full activities and reflections!

On the right, you see us after sharing some insights about

our home countries Iran, Argentina, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Ireland, Germany and Spain:

We learned interesting facts about wedding culture, food, education and

religion in the different nationalities. For example, did you know that Irish

people love their cows so much they’ll care about their well-being above their

personal well-being and that Polish and Romanian weddings go on for multiple


After lunch, we learned that the Gran Pino is actually the oldest Naturefriends

house in Italy and that it, therefore, holds a very special value to the movement:

Many Italians come here already for three generations. Rightfully, there is the

saying „Gran Pino forever“. You can even buy a T-shirt.

Then, Pari and Pablo had prepared the first reflection on the many

meanings of water: A brainstorming excercise on the connections of

water with fertility, life, motion, purity, circulation, power and


Greetings from Cecina beach (a 5-minute walk from Gran Pino)

We are excited for what is to come!

Copyright: Hotspot's Water Flows in you(th) media team.

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