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WRAP UP Greening International Youth Work

Updated: Jun 10

Between Mangroves and International Youth Work: reduce your impact.

We have reached the end of this journey but it is definitely not the end, but a new beginning for the new inspiration that this partnership has found throughout its journey towards Greeing International Youth Work.

Here we are wrapping some media outcomes in case you have missed us on social media.

Tell me more about Mangrove Modeling!


The mangrove regeneration paper aims to provide youth organizations with the tools, information, and inspiration to make their youth mobilities more sustainable by saving and actively compensating for CO2 emissions.

Please download the digital version HERE

Are you curious to hear about the youth exchange in Senegal and the process behind the production of this paper?

Listen to our Podcast HERE or click on the box below.

Informative Videos

Here are some videos that can help you understand better this project's outcome.

The App for Climate-Friendly Youth Travel

The app is a planning tool for anyone organizing youth trips or similar events. It not only simplifies event organization but also emphasizes climate protection. Various features are available to achieve this. Here, you can learn everything the app can do. Download it on Android HERE or iOS HERE.

CliMATEs week on the Tuscan beach

During the CliMATEs activity, participants produced several multimedia outcomes. You can check them all out HERE.

Listen to one of the activity's outcomes "Naturefriends goes Baywatch" which talks about environmental issues created by the Solvay industry and its socio-economical impact and influence.

Let's talk about the Curriculum for Greening International Youth Work


This training curriculum is one of the outcomes of the long-term project “Greening International Youth Work” to make international youth work more respectful of the limits of our planet.

Authors: Esther Vallado with contributions from Erika Karman, Noa Philippon

Please download the digital version HERE 

Informative Videos

Training week in beautiful Spain

Also, you can read more details about the training course HERE.

Last but not least: The handbook

Digital version

You can download the digital version of the Handbook HERE.

Check out an introductory short Reel on Handbook HERE.

Or here

Final Wrap Up

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